Connecting 2 computers & 2 sequencers question

Hi there !

I’m using on my main audio computer Cubase Artist 8 and on other computer V-Stack (for running few plugins).

Now, my question is , if i replace V-Stack with, for example Cubase Elements 7,
can i run 2 sequencers at once, (i want to record knobs movement on host machine too)
does this make any sense ?

Thanks for any kind of information !


If you bought both separately and each have their own license/dongle you should be able to.

I’ve never used either of those versions myself, but I’d guess they’d each have VST System Link included, so you could sync the two computers via a digital audio connection. You’d also have two separate DAW’s for what they each offer.

V-Stack was a great concept on Steinbergs part, but since there are low cost versions & frebee’s I guess they figured people would rather use lesser versions of Cubase, rather than V-Stack.

Thanks for your reply Qbass-007 !

Ok, so it’s possible.

I’d highly suggest you download the pdf manuals of any version you’re interested in, or intending to buy to be sure they have the specific features you need. You only mentioned being able to run each program at the same time, not sure you intended to System Link the two computers, or use some other method.

Oh,yea,i was thinking connection over system link,which i already did. Cubase 8 on master computer and cubase elements 7 on slave.

Well, I had a look at Cubase 7 Elements out of curiosity, and see that it has System Link & can have up to 16 Instruments slots for VSTi’s (32 for Artist & 64 for full version 7) if you look at the comparison chart on Steinberg’s site. Depending on how many VSTi’s you need, 16 may be plenty. Otherwise, you’re good to go, depending other features you may or may not need between versions.

Regarding System Link, I don’t see why many choose to have all their midi tracks reside in their audio machine, since the machines are synced together, when they can record all their midi directly into their VSTi machine, therefore not send midi between machines at all.

Yes, 16 instruments slots are more than enough !
I knew that, cause i had before Cubase Elements 6 and there were the same.
Vst system link was introduced already few years ago, but i never really use it.
I was using V-Stack before, but i need more support for vst instruments (recording knob movements…), better latency (well, no latency between computers), no midi connection, more inspiration with new setup and so on :slight_smile:

Cool then, oddly enough I didn’t see any Cubase 8 Elements.

I believe there’s always going to be ‘some’ latency, though very small and negligible even in the best conditions. If you were to play say, two identical audio files on each machine and listen through one of your sound cards, the other machines audio would give a very slight ‘flange effect’ from the miniscule latency/delay. But if you listen to the same audio files together, but this time listen to the Left channel of computer 1, and the Right channel of computer 2, you really can’t perceive the latency…then there’s the off-sets if needed. You probably know all this already :slight_smile:

PS, I meant midi sent via the System Link digital audio network itself, rather than a regular separate midi connection (in case there was any misunderstanding on that). Which was a comment based on countless posts I’ve read where many send midi via the VSL network, when they don’t have to.

Good luck! :ugeek:

Yea, i agree with what you’ve written.
I use mixed setup , when comes to midi connection.
I still use midi between two computers, but that’s cause my soundcards platform also support loading synths (own synths), so i can play also that ones and VSL connection with own midi in/outs.

About Cubase 8 Elements, i think there are first normal versions, like Cubase and Cubase Artist and later Elements,
i hope one day they will release Element version, would be nice for my Cubase Element 7 upgrade,
cause i found version Artist 8 working very well.