Connecting 2 UR816C Units Together

Is it possible to connect two UR816Cs together into a single contiguous audio interface in Cubase 10.5? If so, what are the connections and are there any issues?

Thanks for any help on this.

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Bump…Did you get an answer to this question since I want to know the same thing, the manual describes HA mode but also shows a diagram with a usb cable running from each unit to the computer.

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I’m wondering the exact same thing. I want at least 24 channels available.

On a PC you cannot reliably sue two soundcards connected to the same computer at the same time, so to connect two 816c you set up one as master, connected to your PC, and the other connects only via ADAT and word clock. I guess this is what they mean by HA mode, and afaik the unit in HA mode should not be connected directly to the PC.
On a mac you can do the same, but you can also have both connected to the mac and use them together as an Aggregate device:

If you are on PC, you cannot get that from 816:s as the max is 16 channels. With UR824 tou can get 24 in though🙂

Presonus Studio 192 f.e. can handle 2 extra ADATs instead of 1.

Sure, just like Steinberg UR824 and a bunch of other interfaces:)