Connecting 2 UR824's using Cubase 9.5

Using Cubase 9.5 and trying to connect 2 UR824’s so we can record up to 16 channels simultaneously. Have a master UR824 connected to a slave UR825 via a BNC cable and ADAT A cable connection. Steinberg keeps advertising that you can link up to 3 of the UR824’s together but gives little support regarding how to actually do it.

Using a vocal mic, we see signal coming into both units on channels 1-16 via the red faders. However, we cannot get the routing right to actually record on channels 9-16. In other words you can see signal on the red faders but NOT on the blue faders. What a pain!!!

Working with experienced DAW users and still no one can get it to work. We are about ready to return to Pro Tools. This is NOT a user friendly system. Anyone got any ideas?

I am trying to do the same thing and failing as well.

It has been a long time ago since I set my Ur824’s…

I do recall you need to start by plugging in the USB cable from only the slave unit. Open the dspMixFX UR824 control panel and set that unit to slave.

Then unplug it’s USB cable and plug in the master UR824. I believe then the dspMixFX control panel will show the slave channels. I think it just works then.

There was something about setting the master clock to internal on the main unit, and ADAT on the slave one also if I remember correctly.

I recall I found this information from Sweetwater Support. Let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile: