Connecting a dynamic microphone to UR22 mkII

Please tell me, how to connect a regular microphone with a 3.5 mm jack (with an adapter to 6.3 mm) to UR22 mkII? I connected both to the first and second connectors, the sound from the microphone does not come. I checked it on Discord. Windows 10 x64. Driver version Firmware 1.0.4. There is only one sound device in the system - Stainberg UR22 mkII. In sound properties, playback and recording device are the same - Line 2 - Stainberg UR22 mkII.
I’ve tried all the settings, but I can’t get sound from the microphone. Help me, please!

You will need a 3,5 mm to XLR adapter (because the 6,35 mm TRS is a line level input).


Thank you very much. I’ll try. It is a pity that such an adapter (xlr male - jack female) is quite rare.

Yeah, but otoh they are easily made, just a XLR male, a mono 6,35 mm (stereo works too) and a bit of cable:)
Or, yhy not just cut the plug away and permanently make the mic xlr?

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