connecting a guitar

When I connect a guitar to my computer and Cubase it usually works. Now I have a portable laptop too, and using exactly the same settings I don’t get no sound from the guitar. All the other features are working normally, sound, plugins…

In your signature I see a Babyface. Did you switch from the mic pre to the Hi-Z input in TotalMix FX?

Thanks! It may very possibly be that I have set Babyface differently with this computer. Eventhough for the moment I’m not able to check what you speak of since I don’t know these features ( Hi-Z input ?). I only click on “inst” in TotalMix.

Yep that is the Hi-Z in TotalMix. I should think you have not set up the correct routing for TotalMix in your laptop.
It can be a little tricky.

Ahhh, yes, it’s called ‘Inst’ - didn’t know for sure as I still have my good ol’ FF800 and the TotalMix just without FX :wink:
Just know it from friends’ Babyfaces.