Connecting a Korg PA5X to Cubase 13 Pro

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I can’t post the link but there is a youtube video titled Korg PA4X in Cubase.
The above video at about 1.30 shows how to set up individual channels and tells me to go look at Inspector View and Select Input Transformer-then Local.
The pop up widow opens, select channel filter, then Pass Chan (whatever track) then module 1.
In Cubase 13 the Input Transformer doesn’t seem to be in the Inspector View.
I found it in one of the top menus but the Opened window is different.
Could somebody please explain the process with this new version 13?

The last version of Cubase that I bought was for my Atari back in the 80’s


Hi and welcome to the forum,

There is Input Transformer in the Inspector in Cubase 13, in the Routing tab, next to the MIDI Input Port. But, in Cubase 13, you can also define the MIDI Input Channel directly (bellow the Input MIDI Port), without the Input Transformer need. Much easier.