Connecting a mic pre to the Mr816

I’m using a mic pre connected to the MR 816 (channels 3-4) but get really hot signals even if the gain is turned all the way down.
Is there a way to bypass the preamp of the Mr816?
Thanks for your help!

try also use the PAD on to those channels to reduce gain stage.
in MR units the preamps are Hardwired to input converters, you can use the insert option on input 1-2 to Bypass the preamps on those two channels

Thanks for your help! I’ll do this. :smiley:

Don’t forget that using the insert (return) will be unbalanced.

Yes, unbalanced, and doing several blind tests, we’ve determined there is a loss of bottom end when recording in this manner, as opposed to padding the mic pre.
IMO, neither method is satisfactory when using a HIGH END mic pre/channel strip, such as a GML 2020.

On the other hand the pre’s in the Mr816 are actually very good, again IMO.