Connecting an Alesis kit to Cubase LE5

New problem! I’ve decided to forgo EZ Drummer and use my kit’s sounds. Turns out I don’t know how to do that either…
I have an Alesis DM10X kit and want to record it using Cubase LE5. I have a MIDI to USB cable and I would like to know how to connect the kit to the software. Cubase doesn’t recognize the kit and doesn’t record it’s sounds. Thank you.

A MIDI connection does not transmit sound, it transmits MIDI data. To record sound, you need to establish an audio connection.
And you dont connect the kit to the software, you connect it to the hardware, which if configured correctly will deliver the data (MIDI and / or audio) to Cubase.

Okay, could you tell me how to configure Cubase/MIDI connections properly? The end goal of what I’m trying to do is have an MP3 or WAV file of what I play on my computer.

Like I said before, to record an audio file, you need an audio connection, not a MIDI connection.