Connecting an external MIDI instrument

I tried and tried but now I need to turn to the experts!

I am a new user with limited experience in DAW and apparently in the whole concept of bus.

I have Cubase 7.5 and it works very well. I have added VST instruments with success. My MIDI interface is a Focusrite and my controller is a Korg Triton Le music work station. There are great sounds on this keyboard and I am still trying to access them.

I have installed all the Triton bank patches and the Triton appears as a VST instrument in the menu. I can select the different sounds from the track inspector but I cannot hear them. The VST instrument menu shows three forward slashes (///) on the right side of each of my VST instruments but the Triton shows an X. In the device connection menu, I set it up using the ‘‘add external instrument’’ and it shows up in the list of external instruments.

In the track inspector, I can select it as a VST instrument. The VU meters move when I play and I can even record a track. But there is no sound!

I suspect that this has something to do with busses. If you could point me in the right direction to resolve this, I would be very happy!


In your Arrange Window, or Inspector window, on the track lane(s) do you have your outputs selected? That is, on your midi track, while it’s selected/highlighted…to the upper left area of the inspector window, there are outputs to choose from…depending on what you’ve selected when you set up your project for your VST Inputs/Outputs, or VST connections.


In Cubase 7.5, that would be the channel editor. The output channel is set at Stereo out, which I think is normal. When I choose another VST instrument from the list, I can hear the VST instrument play. When I select the Triton, there is still no sound. The problem may be deeper.