Connecting an instrument using bluetooth

I’m hoping to record into Cubase Artist 10 using a bluetooth keyboard for input.
I couldn’t find anything in the menus to select bluetooth input and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the user guide.
Does anyone know if this can be done and if so how?

i never tried it myself. But it seems that it is possible.
Maybe try a PM to jaslan ?

kind regards,

I’ve tried it in C10 with a Korg bluetooth keyboard- was a complete mess. Would work ok for some time then midi recording got recorded late or early needing to reset the device. It also needed a special setup menu to run at all. No good.

Sorry I missed those responses - thanks.
Can you tell me what PM and jaslan are?

PM stands for private message, and jaslan is a user who was present in the topic i referred to.

You never know how someone responds to a private message, but with a decent explanation why you are sending it, most of the users here on the forum will certainly reply. That’ s one of the main reasons for having a forum.

Tracking an issue with gear is most of the times usefull when you are able to talk to someone who went trought it.


The idea of connecting an instrument to a DAW using Bluetooth scares me! I couldn’t use Bluetooth headphones due to latency. What keyboard are you trying to use?