Connecting Audio Events w/o The Snap Function

Hi All,
I know there’s a quick way to do this, I just hadn’t found it yet.
I’ve just cut an audio event and want to append it to an event on a different track. What keystroke or function do I use to snug the beginning of this event to the end of the other event. I’ve been doing this manually by zooming in and sliding the event across till it meets the other. This consists of a few zooms and moves but I know there’s a feature that will do this in one step for me. Anyone know what that is?



Your subject says “w/o The Snap Function” but… look at the “Snap” options. There is a snap to “Event” option and a few others that are combinations of snaps that you should check.

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Thanks for the hit Prock.
Yes, I put w/o because I’ve only ever used the snap function to snap to grid. That’s why I’m here because I know the forum knows better. :slight_smile:
I’ll check on the other snap options per your suggestion.