Connecting barlines through staves/systems

I’m working on a score for mixed instrumentation (Soprano-Violin-Flute-Guitar-Percussion).
Currently, Dorico is connecting the barline only on the left-hand margin, but not for each measure across the system.
I’ve been digging around looking for a setting. I’ve found the option for using barlines ONLY between staves vs. through each staff, and the option for breaking barlines for voice parts (for lyrics).
How can I get the barlines to flow through all five parts on my staff?

I tried creating a Group in the Setup tab, that didn’t work.

I haven’t seen any other barline/system options elsewhere.

Unfortunately I think you’re going to be scuppered here, unless you use a non-singer instrument in place of the Soprano and then change its name in the Players panel. Singers will always have their barlines disconnected from other instruments, because joining the barlines causes all manner of problems for lyrics colliding with them.

So you could add, say, another flute and change its name to Soprano, then go to the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options and choose the ‘Small ensemble’ bracketing approach.

So - because I have a vocalist, all five staves are separated?

I even selected the option to have the barlines go through the vocal staves, and no change to the score.

Did you also go and change the bracketing approach on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options to ‘Small ensemble’?

I missed this reply - I got caught up in the never-ending pile of school work for my DMA.
This work beautifully. Much love.