Connecting Dorico 4 to VST-Plugins

Hi. Is there any way to manipulate Dorico 4 outputs to VST plugins? I am using Symphony Essential Strings from Kontakt Komplete 13 as my VST plugin in Dorico-4. Each time I need to check in which output is my sound in Dorico and change it on the Kontakt player; that is not a big issue, but the point is when I do this process instrument’s techniques which I use through expression map will sound in a different velocity. For instance, the Pizzicato and Spiccato have an exact and balanced velocity by default but, when I change the output( Not midi channel, OUTPUT), the spiccato technique will sound very quiet compared with Pizzicato, and I need to balance all the instrument’s techniques again by using compression or maximizer. So If I could change the outputs in the Dorico mixer, this problem will solve, I guess, and the workflow will be much faster. Is there any way for that?