Connecting external EQ to UR28M and using it in cubase 9

I have an external eq that I want to connect to my UR28M and use it on a channel in Cubase 9 to treat vocals. How can I achieve this? What cables do I need and how to route the signal through Cubase? I have tried with an insert cable but haven’t managed to get it working yet. Any help would be appreciated.

Start by giving useful info :unamused:
-There is no “Cubase 9”- so what is the software you are using
-The type of cable you need does quite obviously depend on the external EQ you use until now, no one apart from you knows that…
-Since the UR28M does not have insert jacks, insert cables certainly won´t work - you need to connect a line out to the EQ in and the EQ out to a line in of the UR 28M.

Try this:
In Cubase with the ur28m connected press F4 and create additional outputs 3 and 4 for example. Connect output 3 or 4 or both if stereo. Using a 1/4” jacks to your EQ’s input… from your EQ’s output… using 1/4” cables to input 1 or 2 or both if stereo of the ur28m.

In Cubase 9 create a stereo or mono audio track connect to input 1 or 2 or both and record the output of the EQ .

Thank you for your help. I have connected the eq this way also but have still been unable to get the eq up and running. I have a request open with Steinberg, however, that takes about two weeks to get a reply. I think I might just send the eq back and wait until I get another interface with inserts.

If you want to use it in cubase, simple inserts on the interface probably won´t do it.

Expalining how the software works and general basic audio setup questions is not a task for the technical support though…

Thanks for your insight. It’s appreciated. You’ve been a big help.

AP described it well…

connect an output of your soundcard to your EQ
connect the output of your EQ to an input on your card
press F4
goto External FX tab
click on “add external FX”
name your EQ
set the input/output to the ins/outs that you just connected
the external instrument is now selectable in your inserts…

Yeah. I did this. I did this before coming here. This exact same way but I was getting no response from the eq, no signal what so ever and when I put the external fx on a channel it had no effect. I’ve checked and checked the routing and switched between available outputs but still nothing. I have now boxed up the eq and returning the item. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Its greatly appreciated!