Connecting external instruments to cubase


Not sure if this is the right place to post, if not please move it to an appropriate place.

I am a beginner to music making and all that. I have an awesome keyboard i would like to connect to Cubase 7 and record from there. I might just be a bit dumb cause I can’t figure out how despite watching video after video.

Some info:
I use: UR22 USB Audio Interface
The keybord I want to connect: Yamaha moXF6
Cubase version: LE AI Elements 7

Would appreciate any form of help. Please be specific and detailed when explaining, cause like i said, im pretty new to these things.

Thank you in advance.

You don’t need the UR22 USB Audio Interface, the moXF6 has a built-in MIDI/Audio interface. You can start with this link

This is the download page for the MOXF series keyboard. It has all the drivers and software you need to get going.

Good Luck.

You can connect it to your interface, just run two cables from the keyboard to your interface.

You can get that working where you can hear the sound through your interface.

You need to install the generic midi driver from Yamaha for any of their keyboard to use midi over USB.

Thanks guys, really, I will try it all out. Really appreciate it.