Connecting from my piano to laptop


I used cubase many years ago for composing and used the cables I have to go form the piano direct to the PC. I now have a laptop and am using the same cables (the one into laptop goes straight into the microphone area). But I am not a techie and don’t know why it is not recognising it. When I put the plug into the mic whole, it asks if am using as headset or mic, so obviously recognises.

Have a 2 year old laptop, acer, running on Windows 8. I have just downloaded the trial version for 30 days but spent 3 days not knowing how to get sound in. Can anyone help? Do i need something as an inbetween?


Are you trying to connect your piano (assuming it’s digital) to play MIDI into Cubase, or to record the sound?


Thanks for replying. I’m not sure I understand. I want to play music on the digital piano (yes, is a Roland and digital) and for it to record what I am playing (my compositions) through there into Cubase, so I can go ahead and edit. I hope that clarifies?

you will need an ASIO driver for your laptop to record audio in from your digital piano

google ASIO4ALL should work fine for you.

best of luck



I have done this, but still cubase sees it as ‘unmapped’ and ‘not connected’… Any ideas?

I took the easy route and purchased the Steinberg CI1, its an easy plug and play just change the vst connections and also has a headphone socket so that the neighbours are not rocking lol