Connecting Groove Agent to MPC in Cubase 10

I have a iMac and am running Cubase 10 Pro, I have just bought a MPC 2000xl and want to connect it to Groove Agent SE5 as a “controller” and as a way to send sounds back too (through midi) I am having a tough time getting the mpc to be seen. I am using a MIO midi cable that turns into a usb directly linked into the iMac, because my Focusrite 2i2 does not have midi connections.PLEASE HELP

Every pad contoller must be programmed by means of software to the controller. For example, I had Akai Mini - and there was an editor where you could assign keys (notes) to the pads, and then, when active in GA track, I could play the pads within GA. Or is the problem that Cubase can not see your controller at all?