Connecting Guitar Tracks

Hi. I’m a beginner and am using LE4. I recorded the interlude guitar on separate tracks. Basically when the first guitar part ends and where the interlude begins, I want them to feel no gap or noise, seemingly like it’s just 1 long guitar track…

You cant really hear its 2 separates except for a very quick and slight millasecond “ffwwtt” overlapping sound, like making a quick flick of your tongue on your bottom lip whispy sound at the end of the 1st guitar part when it connects to the second part. I’ve listened to it closely and happens where the arrows are, at the end of the first track

I know in production guitarists record separated guitar tracks all the time… but how do i blend them together with no weird sound of overlapping at the last millasecond on the first guitar part, how do you guys (producers, or even fellow home recording amateurs) remove the kind of “ffwwtt” sound??? i’ve not been able to figure out how???

any help would be really helpful!!
cheers all.

Read up on Crossfade. Learn to edit at Zero Crossings.

thanks!! much appreciated :slight_smile: