Connecting ID4m11 to cubasis 3

I have an Audient ID4 mk11 going into a powered usb hub and into cubasis 3 on my 7th generation ipad (via lightening adapter). However …in Setup/Audio the ID4 is not showing …instead it reads ipad microphone.
I dont know how to change this (?)
Please help

Hi @YLT,

Thank you for your message.

Please have a look at the dedicated Setting up an iD4 with Cubasis LE website provided by our friends from Audient.

To learn more about routing, please have a look at the Adding Audio Tracks chapter of our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial.

Does this help to resolve the problem?


Thank you for your reply Lars.
I have contacted Audient and await their guidance.

Happi days

Hi @YLT,

Thanks for the information, please share your results.

Thanks again,