Connecting Interfaces

Hi there I am still waiting for info on an old discussion I came across prompting me to join this tribe. I have a UR824 and UR816C. I wish to combine both to give the xtra channels for my soon to arrive Roland V Drum Kit. I am a one man band/engineer/mixer/producer etc. I had one go at it last year and it was a fail. I am running a stand alone Windows PC, Reaper and completely in the box. Guitars and Bass will be via profiling amps due to new digs and zero noise! cheers Peter

Hi Peter
What you need to do is to first is decide wich of cour sound cards scould act as extera preamps, and wich one should be usb connected to your computer.
Then connect the sound hard you want to use as extra preamps, open up DspMixFx and set the card up so that the mic preamps are rout ed to the ADAT outs. Disconnect that card after saving the setup.
Now connect the soundcard you want to have as your soundcard (sorry for the bad wriring haha), and connect it to the preamp via optical ADAT.
In DspMixFx you now do the setup routing.
I think if you check the manual you will understand how to do this, and if not we’ll help you more:)
Sorry not to be more specific, but I have my steup in storage atm (much likje yours but with also one more 8 channel pre connected).

Thanks Magnus,

that was actually clearer than the manual.

About to do a temp setup in my lounge room while I wait for my new studio furniture so will unpack both interfaces,


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