Connecting iPad Dorico remotely to my NAS

I am very excited at the iPad development particularly with the instrument limit removed but the majority of my files are stored on an NAS on my local network. Whilst local access is not a problem, when I try and connect remotely with web access, I get the error message ‘this URL is not supported’ . Whilst I can get round the problem moving individual files to iCloud, the 5 gig limit on my free allocation won’t support my main library. As I have oodles of local NAS storage I am loth to subscribe to increase my iCloud capacity. Are there any plans to allow web access through the server route of ‘Open or import file’?

Are you sure that’s a Dorico issue, rather than just a connectivity issue?

My Synology NAS works with the Files App - just required adding using the sidebar in the app (having first downloaded and used the Drive App) and then authenticating within Files. Depends on the vendor of your NAS and what software you have installed but that might work? Either way Dorico doesn’t work directly with the file unfortunately and you still need to re-upload the file to over-write the original…

@benwiggy ,I think it might be a restriction in the files section of iDorico as I can get to the files through the browser (Firefox) on my iPad. However, following the email from @eddjcaine , I can download the files in the browser to the iPad and search for file names in iDorico which then loads them into iDorico allbeit with the restriction