Connecting Mixer to Computer for Zoom Meetings

I want to connect my Presonus AR mixer to my PC with Windows. I will be plugging a microphone into the mixer for speaking and for my instrument, plus an I-Pad from which I will be playing backing tracks to play along with. I want to merge the right and left stereo outputs of the mixer and connect it to the mic input on the UR-12. I am not sure how to output the signal from the UR-12 into my laptop. Can I simply use the USB output on the back of the UR-12 and go into a USB port on my laptop? If yes, what else will I need to do to be able to hear the other people on the Zoom meeting?

I use my ipad at times to record some of the Garage band instruments into Cubase. I take a 1/8 stereo cable from the ipad output and send it to the left and right RCA tape inputs on my mixer. Then I have a guitar cable from the aux out on the mixer into guitar jack input on the interface. Adjust the output gain on the mixer until you have a signal then adjust it on the interface. If you want separate channels for output you can use the main outs on the mixer with two cables into your interface. You can pan them left and right on the mixer for two separate channels.
You should be able to use the DSP software as it has loop and talk functions. I hope this will work for you but I have not tried using Zoom as you want to use it.

Thank you, OneWay.

This is quite helpful but doesn’t really address all the requirements for broadcasting and listening required for a Zoom meeting.

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