Connecting Motif XS8 to Cubase 7.5 via SPDIF through RME UFX


I can hear it, just can’t get it into Cubase!

Here’s my setup:

Motif XS8 Digital Out (rca)
to coax->optical converter
to ADAT2-In (optical) on the RME Fireface UFX

THE UFX is connected to the computer by USB.
The Motif is also connected to the computer by USB, and the XS Editor VST is installed and working.
On the RME Control Panel, AES Input is set to ADAT2, as is the clock source, per RME’s instructions.

When I open RME’s TotalMix and play some notes on the Motif, I see a signal arriving on the AES hardware input channel’s meter. In TotalMix, I can route this to the stereo hardware out and hear the notes being played - so there is no question, the signal is making to the AES input on the UFX. I’ve disconnected the analog connections, so there’s no other signal I could be listening to by mistake.

In Cubase, I load the Motif XS VST into the instrument rack and say yes to having an associated MIDI track automatically created.

In the MIDI activity meter of the MIDI track I can see activity when I play notes on the Motif.
In VST Connections, I’ve set the main Stereo In bus ports to AES-L and AES-R, and on the transport panel, I can see activity in the Audio Activity meter

But darned if I can get any of that audio activity to show up at the MOTIF XS1 virtual instrument.

This remains true for any combination of activating the “record arm” and “monitor” buttons on the MIDI track.

Help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you anyway - found it.

For others’ future reference, don’t forget to change the Audio Return routing in the MOTIF XS VST under File > VSTi Setup. It’s no longer Main L/R, it’s now AES L/R.

Yeah I was going to say you need to make a connection between cubase and your interface in VSTconnections.

Good to make new bus’s and use names you can understand etc.