Connecting my Axiom Air Mini 32 to Cubase 8.5


I want to connect my controllers of my Axiom Air 32 Mini to do wahetever I want in Cubase 8.5. I watched multiple tutorials, tried several stuff,read the manual but still am clueless what to do because of the seemingly jungle of options and everyting I do try doesnt work. I just want to use my 8 controllers for example for controlling individual cutoffs, assign to mixers etc, but how do I do that? For example, say I have a vst and I want to just control the cutoff?


You can use this Generic Remote Device or Quick Controls.

The Generic Remote Device allows you to assign any MIDI CC to control any parameter more in a “global” way. So this settings is the same for all projects. The upper part sets the MIDI CC, the lower part sets the function (fader, knob) you are going to control by the MIDI CC.

Quick Controls are dynamic, per track/Channel. So by the same MIDI CC (HW Controller) you can control other parameters on different tracks. The fastest way is to use Learn function in the Quick Control tab, and then move the SW controller (knob/fader), you want to control. Which MIDI CC as assigned to the Quick Control you define in the Devices Setup > Track Quick Controls.

Thanks, the Quick Control did the trick!

Hey Guys, I couldn’t get to use my hypercontrol function of my Axiom pro 61 with cubase pro 9 .Is there anyone who can help on this.I even tried to download hyper control personality file or installer.But ended up with no success and frustration.Can anyone help me please?