Connecting my project to my new Focusrite interface

Hi. I run Cubase 8, but am trying to open some SX3 projects. It keeps trying to play through my old EMU sound card (which I don’t have anymore), and when I try to make it play through my new Focusrite interface it won’t allow me.
I’ve used Device Setup and VST Connections, but nothing works!
Thanks, Richie

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Apart from choosing the right ASIO driver (what you have done already most probably), make sure the Stereo Out is routed to the meaningful output. Do so in the Audio Connections (formally VST Connections) > Outputs, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply.
I’ve included two screenshots to show what settings I have.

Under “Audio Device” I have the option to use the Focusrite 2i2. But when I click on it, it stays not connected!


In the VST Connections, clock to the Not Connected and set Output 1 and Output 2. That’s it.

It only works if I change “not connected” to the generic ASIO, and then change it back to “focusrite”!

Strange, but at least its working now.