Connecting non-tremolo art.harm. with tremolo art.harm

Does anybody has a workaround for that please?
When I use a slur, only the diamond-noteheads are connected, when I use ties, my tremolo doesn’t start where it should be.
Probably you could play with ‘noteheads’ but then the correct playback gets lost.

If the first bar is non-trem but the 2nd bar should be trem, then strictly speaking one could argue they shouldn’t be tied.

You could input two slurs and flip one? (press F on an English keyboard, I can’t remember if that’s the same for German)

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Hey Lillie,
thanx a lot.
yeah, you could say that, but sometimes you want to change from non-tremolo to tremolo without changing the bowing and then a tie would be really nice to use.
And if you take slurs i.p.o. ties they always look different than ties and u again loose time with adjusting them - that’s sometimes the big issue with Dorico: the workflow.
I think the tie/slur subject is not solved completely yet with Dorico (tying notes in repeat endings, tying notes with a ‘l.v.’ on the last note, this example here,…).

You can still tie of course, and change the number of tremolo strokes on each note in the tie chain individually in Engrave mode. It’s up to you which version you prefer / find easiest etc.

If by “tying notes with a l.v. on the last note” you mean that the l.v. tie on a note is lost when you tie a previous note into it, that’s unlikely to change - a bit like Force Duration, the 2nd note ceases to exist once it’s tied, because the first note essentially just gets longer, “eating up” the 2nd note. An l.v. tie is a property of a note - once the note ceases to exist, its properties do too. I do appreciate however that having to set that property again might well be frustrating.

The team knows there’s more they want to do at some point in relation to various notations going into/coming out of repeats.

Except that it would be musically incorrect. If I hold note and then merge it into a tremolo that is a slur. The fact the pitch does not change is irrelevant.

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Isn’t going from legato to tremolo a change in bowing anyway? But I understand that it may be undesirable to have the suggestion of a separate attack on the beginning of the tremolo. A slur will do.


Let’s say it is like that…did you ever try to connect both notes of an art. harm. (normal notehead and diamond notehead) with 2 slurs to another art. harm. ? If you succeed, please tell me…

Input 2 slurs between the same 2 notes, and flip one - as I suggested at the start :wink:

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ahhh…now I know what you mean…so first input 1, flip it and then the second one…ok…that works…thanx

Input 1, flip, then input another - or input both, then flip one - whichever way around makes sense as they both should work :slight_smile: