Connecting PSR i455 to line input of Ur44 not working

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I connected PSR i455 into line input but cant set it up. Or hear it.

though in dashboard i am seeing cursors going up when i hit keys but no sound.

the way audio tracks are set for microphones i cant get the keyboard in the dashboard.

please help or suggest a video link.

it is working fine when cubase is closed and i use it from control panel of ur44



I recommend that you find and download the i455 computer related operations manual and the owners manual.

In general…

Connect your i455 to the computer using the usb connection. Make sure your computer recognizes the keyboard.
Turn on your keyboard
Start Cubase
Start a project and add an instrument track
Set the instrument track input to all midi inputs
Set your i455 to “local off”. See the i455 manual for instruction to set this function
Choose and assign a VST instrument (like HALion Sonic) to the Cubase instrument track
Choose a sound from what is available in HALion
Enable the instrument track monitor and record enable functions

You should now be able to hear the keyboard through your audio interface output.

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Thanks dear.

I have connected keyboard via UR 44 then into cubase. Not via PC.

In DSPmIx FX , i hear it but when i turn cubase on , the sound vanishes but i can see it on dashboard the visual sound bars.

Dear Prock.

I connected yamaha i455 with 1/8 inch cable to UR 44 line input.
I created an input stereo input bus
I created an audio track did the routing on dashboard and then i could record what was playing on keyboard(though i could not hear during recording)
direct monitoring and the small yello speaker on audio track was on but couldnt l;isten

doing hit and trial.

advise if you can shed some light

Well… the procedure I described in my post is how I would hook it up to use it with Cubase.

I attached a link to the Yamaha Computer Related Operations Manual. Use it to connect your keyboard to the computer using the USB connections. Not to the UR44 itself. As I mentioned in my procedure. Cubase will automatically recognize the keyboard if you connect it to the computer and turn it on before starting Cubase (unless you have Cubase 9 which will allow you to connect the keyboard after starting Cubase).

Also, a link to the owners manual. You can see on page 48 and 49 how to set the “Local” function to “off”

You will be using a Cubase “Instrument Track” with an assigned VST instrument and choose an available VST sound. Your UR44 will automatically be assigned as the output for that track. While playing you can listen when the track “monitor” function is enabled. To hear after your record something you must disable the “Monitor” function.

All of this assumes that your UR44 is connected properly in Cubase’s VST Audio System menu and the UR44 output bus is correctly assigned in the Cubase VST Connections (output tab) menu.

You might be able to hook it up using the connections you mentioned but, I don’t know how to assist with that. I use a Yamaha keyboard with Cubase connected as I described and it works perfectly. Good luck. :wink:

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Dear Prock

I figured out all.

i am able to record four microphone.

Line in no 5(yamaha keyboard)

line in no 6 ( input from laptop playing rythm loop or song.

i figured the routing out.

I shot arrows in dark and somehow they hit.

Thanks and will keep bothering you via PM if you allow.