Connecting Several VST instruments to one MIDI track

Hi, Everyone!

How can I connect several VST instruments to one MIDI track in Cubase 7.5 ?
I need this in case I want use several drum units (one for kick and snare, second for HH & cymbals, third for percussion e.t.c.) and edit the part in one drum editor. Same thing for making multitimbral sounds with different VSTs.

Tried to search for answers but didn’t find propper info.



The solution to most of those requests is to use MIDI Sends (up to four of them available).
As for Kits, use a Drum Map, where, in the “Output” column for each kit piece, you can select any connected instrument. (the default selection, “Track”, just means that it will use the output of the track on which you actually have the Drum Map active).

Thanks, that appears to be what I need!