Connecting Soundcraft UI24R to Elements 10.0.40

Cubase (Elements 10.0.40 Build 284 August 22 2019) refuses to connect to my Soundcraft UI24R.

Had hoped to connect via WiFi, but even using a cable and the latest Soundcraft USB drivers (Multi-channelUSBAudio_DriverSetup_v3.20.0 20/10/19) Cubase will not hook up.

The computer is a brand new i7-9750H@2.60 GHZ running Windows 10 Home

Please help

HI and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you want to use Soundcraft UI24R as an Audio Device in Cubase? You connect it via USB, driver is installed, but you can’t see the ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System, right?

Can you use it as a system device, for the system sounds? Can the system see it?