connecting stereo amplifier to UR22


I apologize for this question, but I can’t find an answer: Is it possible to connect the Line Out to a simple home stereo amplifier with RCA inputs? If yes what kind of cable would it take?

Thank you very much in advance for any help with this.

Nobody tried? I have the same question…

Yes, provided the inputs in question are line inputs. Since I’m not familiar with your amplifier, I can’t tell you any more - check the specs.
As for the cable, shouldn’t that be fairly obvious? You’ve got 2 TRS outs L & R, and your amplifier has 2 RCA unbalanced inputs. Although the UR22 outs are balanced, you can also use them unbalanced ,so you’d need a cable with 2 male TR Phone jacks at one end (because you don’t need balanced jacks) and two RCA males at the other end. The length you’ll have to figure out yourself, just keep in mind this is a “stereo adapter cable”.
Are you sure you’re embarking on the right hobby? :wink:

Thanks, this works. I noticed that there is a difference with the delay between headphones output and line outputs. Actually there is no delay in headphone output but the line outputs has some. Or im not sure if that delay comes from the stereo amp now…

To be expected if you’re not direct monitoring. Either direct monitor or alter your buffer settings.