Connecting synth to DAW

I have a problem getting audio from my synth.
I have the KORG Monologue synth, and i connected it via usb to my computer.
I have cubase 13 elements.
I have onyx artist 1•2 sound card.

First of all , what is the correct way to open it in cubase? As midi or vst?
I already downloaded the korg usb-midi driver.

I can see the cubase reacts to my key commands and write the notes in the software.
But i cant hear any sound. What can it be?
By the way if use it as a control panel lets say on halion as vst i can hear the sounds ,but the halion sounds, but not my synth.

I read a lot of stiengberg instructions on this topic and got more confused.

Thanks for helping

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In Cubase Elements, you cannot create an External Instrument.

So the only way for you is to add a MIDI Track + an Audio Track with the Monitor button enabled to hear the audio.

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Thanks for helping.
Yes i can hear the sounds when i push monitor button on my sound card.

But what you say is that i cant really record anything properly usefull if dont have cubase pro?


You can record it properly. But you need 2 tracks instead of 1.

Ok thanks i will try it

What does the Korg manual say? You should be able to find this information there.

Didnt find any instructions there.
I will try some stuff later today and will update

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