Connecting two midi controllers to separate midi channels

I am currently composing for a microtonal harpsichord with each manual tuned to a different 1/4 comma meantone temperament. I am using Halion 6 which allows me to retune two harpsichord instruments using the tuning module and I have allocated each instrument to the corresponding harpsichord voice. However if I want to input notes using a midi keyboard I need to connect a separate keyboard to each voice of the harpsichord part and I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Is it actually possible?

No, I’m afraid I can’t think of a way of doing this. You can input using two MIDI input devices if you like, but there’s no way to map a specific MIDI input device to a specific instrument or staff.

Split the track for the voices and put them both on separate midi channels. Make sure you don’t use any for input. The two controllers need to send on different midi channels.

This might work in Cubase, but doesn’t seem to relate to Dorico.

Would it help to show an image of how your score is set up? Are the two harpsichords on separate grand staves?

Thank you for your responses. Yes I did try splitting the voices and putting them on separate midi channels, which facilitates the playback of independent temperaments per staff, but as Daniel mentioned there is no way to map separate midi devices to specific instruments, parts etc. So basically whichever midi keyboard you play will automatically connect to the part that is selected, not to a particular midi channel.
In any case I have decided to do most of my experimenting in Luna/Logic Pro x and then notate in Dorico. At least the microtones work perfectly in playback, which is really handy for me. The microtonal capabilities of Dorico are incredible in fact!
It would be nice to integrate something like rewire, that would half solve my problem.

Sorry for my reply I made a mistake on the new forums. I thought I was in the Cubase part.

Mira si te sirve esto:

I don’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t understand the video, but I get the feeling this is a split keyboard tutorial, which won’t solve this particular problem. There really has to be a way for Dorico to be able to assign individual midi devices to particular midi inputs.

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