Connecting two URs to a DAW

Hello everyone! I am happy with my UR44, using it with my Mac for recordings. But now I would like to record more than 6 tracks simultaneously. Thats why I have the idea, to by a second UR (maybe the 22 or a second 44) and to connect it to my Mac as well. Would that work? Would my DAW (Logic) recognize both the inputs of UR44 and UR22/44 and allow me to record with them?

Thank you!

On MacOS you can use an aggregated device to use both…

You will double the latency when using Aggregate. Something to keep in mind.

Thank you for your help, though, would you recommend using two URs with an aggregate device - and double the latency? For instance is this a problem in the rehearsal room recording a song by playing it over and over again?