Connecting UR44 to Korg keyboard


Total newbie at home recording. I am trying to connect my UR44 to my Korg SV1 keyboard, to record with garageband (or potentially, Logic). I have two 1/4 inch cables. I have connected UR44 to garageband, and it appears to be reading it.

I also have monitors, and am not sure if that needs to be connected also.

Sorry for basic questions! Thanks in advance for your help.


You probably figured it out by now (forum seems kinda dead here) but if you want to record the native sounds from the SV1 (Awesome keyboard btw!) you need 1 1/4 output to go to an input on the UR44 and then set a track in Garageband or Logic to receive input from that channel.

The rest of your setup is a little unclear to me and as for what you exactly want to do (record both some samples or loop + keys to a project or just solo SV1) but the principle is the same. If you want to play some VST’s with the SV1 you need to set the VST to receive MIDI-data on a channel.

Depending on further configurations you can have the combined sound coming out of your monitors or maybe even out of your SV1 (don’t know if it has native speakers).

Thank you for responding! That is what I did. I got Logic.

Do you know if I have to reinstall my interface, if I change computers? Can I use the Steinberg on 2 different computers?