Connecting Yamaha THR10X to Cubase

Hey guys,

I recently purchased the Yamaha THR10X amplifier and have installed the Cubase AI that comes with it. I have installed the driver for it and my computer recognizes it as well as the THR Editor. However, when I start a new track in cubase, I can’t figure out where to go to connect the THR as an input source. I have gone to “audio connections” and clicked under input devices but it never pops up. Can anyone simplify this for someone who isn’t real techy?

Which ASIO driver are you using? (What OS for that matter?)

Foir the most straightforward set-up:

Go to Studio-Studio Setup-VST Audio System and select “Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio” as the ASIO Driver.

If you go back to your Inputs/Outputs you should then see the various THR ins and outs available.

If you are on Win10 you might need to download the newest driver for the THR.
I have not had the time to check if mine still works after the Win1 creator Fall update.
Great little amp btw.

FWIW, I had to download a new driver for my old THR5 just for Windows 7, so this might be the issue?

They are indeed rather nice little boxes.

Hey guys, sorry for the late reply as I was on vacation. I did figure it out thanks to @planarchist, thanks all!

You’re welcome, glad you got it working and thanks for letting us know. Enjoy!

Hi guys,

I’ve spent several days trying to record my guitar with Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 on my MacBook.
I have similar issues as a topic starter… but not exactly.

Important - I am able to record with REAPER, I just plug and play without even specifying THR in settings. This is just to mention that THR10X works fine.

In Cubase, I set up THR10X in Studio (VST, input, output), and have the latest available driver installed. It is also of course identified when I launch Cubase.

But I cannot select THR in In and Out in Inspector so there’s no signal, flat line.
You can see it from the screenshots below (click to enlarge).