Connection between Percussion kit and Percussion map (Please help!)

Hi, I have a problem about setting up a new percussion map. I need to understand the timeline of the steps and possibly where I’m wrong. I bought the Get Good Drums drum set (works in Kontakt) First of all, is it okay to create the percussion kit or percussion map first? But above all, how do you make the percussion kit and percussion map communicate? I try to explain myself better.

  1. I open a project in Dorico and choose from the unpitched percussion “drum set”. (Is basic or full indifferent?)
  2. I open the percussion map dialog and start writing a new percussion map based on the library settings.
    3.I assign the new percussion map to the drum set.
    At this point I must obviously make something wrong, because compared to the percussion kit the sounds do not correspond.
    So should the percussion kit be set first and then the percussion map? How do they connect with each other? If the snare drum hit is for example D0 how can I assign D0 to the snare drum of the percussion kit?
    I hope I have explained … thanks to all those who will clarify the matter for me …

A while ago I wrote this introduction to percussion mapping that I hope will be helpful to you:

Let me know if you still need any assistance after reading this introduction.

For me it turned out to be much better to first create the percussion map, which I then copied as an image and closed the modal XMap dialog. With the help of this representation I could then be sure to use the right instruments/ articulations when creating the kit.

Thanks Daniel, I had already read this post, but unfortunately not having an accurate knowledge of English in many places I got lost. Calmly I will not fail to reread everything in more detail and I thank you for your assistance. What I “would like” but certainly do not expect, would be a sort of wizard to create a percussion map and a percussion kit for a drum vst. As already said, the passage that links the percussion kit and the percussion map escapes me. For example in the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog I don’t see how to connect for example the D0 that triggers the snare drum hit in the percussion map. I don’t see any dialog boxes to that effect.

What triggers it is the instrument name. So they need to match (in the percussion map and in Setup mode).

Thanks for the reply. But if in set up mode there is the generic name drum set how is this possible? Did you mean in percussion kit mode?

Honestly, unless I see the file, I can only guess. As it happens, I created the whole Joby Burguess perc maps, playback templates, etc, as well as two Labs drums and percussion instruments, so I have some experience now in that field. As long as the names do match and the proper perc map is applied to the instrument, it works flawlessly.

At the moment I don’t have any files. I opened ggd drums in kontakt and tried to create percussion maps and percussion kits, starting from the instrument called drum set in unpitched percussion. I apologize but I really miss the passage in which percussion kit and percussion maps are communicated, I probably have it under my eyes, but I have not solved it yet …

They communicate when you apply a percussion map to a percussion kit. This happens in Play mode, select the percussion kit>inspector> in the vsti picker, there’s a cog. When you press the cog, you can set expression maps and/or percussion maps, that’s where you apply it. Once it’s set up, everything works ok, as long as the instruments in the percussion map match those in the kit!

Thanx :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:as soon as I get home I will try again…