Connection error

Trying to connect using a laptop tethered to my phone network so I can test it again…

Now all I get is Connection error You are already in a session. Make sure to use the same name as the studio…

yes you are

I responded on that other thread… (and yes you are :slight_smile: )

Sorry! yes I am what?

This is the level of help and support one gets after spending £128… disgraceful

hard to not comment on this but I won’t

And you think it’s right to charge £128 for something that doesn’t work?

What does he mean by ‘yes you are’? Yes I am what?

let’s keep it to one thread

Now I get sorry, connection failed; no reply, you may try again later

Actually got logged in. Took 2 hours :flushed:

excellent - do you understand what the problem was ?

Not a clue…

So now it works … I need to figure out why it was glitching and also, I didn’t realise that I have to switch of the performers mic by lowering the gain control every time I wish to record their instrument or the mic channel also gets recorded… seems a bit of a hassle when working on a recording to be having to reset his volume all the time just to talk…

user warned about being nice, thread locked.