Mac Pro 3,1, OSX 10.7.5, Cubase 7, trying to connect w/ an iPad 4 over AirPort Extreme.
i have SKI installed in remote devices
could the problem be that i’m using an AirPort Extreme as my WI-FI?
IC PRO sees my computer, but cannot connect.
i’ve tried:

  • manual IP addresses (of the router, the computer, the AirPort, etc)
  • changed Firewall settings on Mac Pro to accept Cubase
  • added “Remote Apple Events” in Sharing on Mac Pro
  • turned off Bluetooth on the iPad
  • WTF???

there are LOTS of posts from PC/Windows users, but not much from the Macheads out there… HELP???


have you tried setting up an ad-hoc network on your mac and connecting directly from your iPad to the mac to see if the problem is really your AirPort Extreme or maybe the problem is on the Mac (Cubase, or network settings, etc.)?

haven’t set up a new network yet. the wi-fi network is a household network and my computer is the one hard-wired to the AirPort. all the other computers in the house cannot be offline every time i need to work. does that make sense or am i not understanding this?


What do you mean with hard-wired? Are you using a ethernet cable to connect your computer to the wi-fi router? Unfortunately we don’t support such configurations, only direct wi-fi connections (to the router or to the iPad) are supported.

ah. well, that’s why then. yes, the AirPort for WI-FI is ethernet to the computer, as my 2008 Mac Pro tower has no built-in WI-FI. it would have been VERY good to know this FIRST. there is NO INFORMATION from you about the configuration requirements for the app. now i have a $17 app that is useless to me. how do i get my money back?

So before I find out I just wasted more money by purchasing this app, am I to understand the only way to connect this app to a Mac Pro tower (model 3,1 or 4,1 or 5,1) is via an ad hoc network, which means it’s not possible for Mac Pro users (with Mac Pro models from 2008-2012)?

Hi All,

just to clarify: WE only support direct connections because it is impossible to do Network troubleshooting for all of you. Direct connection is the most straight forward, anything else from port forwarding to network speed is up to you.

Technically it should be no problem to go over a router, but we CAN not and will not support you because every network is different.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks, I already bought the app, but haven’t really used it yet on my current system – now will see if it works. I was very disappointed about the bad news for the CMC controllers… now that those are basically discontinued, I don’t want to throw money into them – so I need some other tool. Already have the CC121 (which is excellent), but need additional control. If this doesn’t work, I’ll go for Neyrinck. I hope you guys will support the iC Pro for a long time…

hey, if someone out there has the same setup as me and can tell me how to get this working without losing my f’kn mind (which i almost did over 2 days of trying EVERYTHING POSSIBLE), then maybe i’ll buy it again. got my refund no problem, btw, from the App Stor. at least SOMETHING works…!

Well, I just got it working – and I was pretty shocked how easy it was, considering the issues mentioned in the forum. I don’t say that to rub it in, but just to say that there is theoretically a way to get it up and running quickly, maybe I was lucky. I haven’t yet tested it hard core yet, so I don’t know how stable it is, and it seems some of the shortcut buttons don’t work for me, but I haven’t figured out that issue yet… could have been user error. Anyway, I can share exactly what I did to get the connection going, maybe this will help, maybe not:

  1. First, my hardware is Mac Pro tower running OSX 10.9.3 and Cubase 7.5.20. I’m using an iPad mini with iOS 7.1.1, using Cubase iC Pro (latest version as of June 2014, don’t know version number, I think it is 1.20). Mac is hardwired to Netgear router, iPad connected via WiFi of course. I did NOT create an ad-hoc network since my Mac Pro does NOT have a WiFi adapter. So I had to connect via my router.

  2. Make sure both devices are on the SAME network! For example, make sure your iPad is NOT on your “guest” WiFi network. That messed me up the first time. My “guest” network is configured to prevent devices from discovering each other on the network, so I switched the iPad over to my regular network, which allows all the IPs to talk with each other. Your router may have different features. This is the reason why Steinberg can’t help and support people trying to do it this way, since there are simply too many router config issues that can come up.

  3. Install the latest SKI remote extensions for Cubase – I installed

  4. I run Cubase in 64-bit mode (not sure if that matters)

  5. I do NOT have the firewall enabled on my Mac Pro (not sure if that matters, but my guess is yes it does). I may try enabling my firewall later and see if that changes anything. But for now, I have it disabled on the Mac and I’m just trusting the NAT firewall of my router for now to prevent external connections outside my LAN.

  6. Run Cubase, and configure the SKI extension the way Steinberg docs indicate. (i.e.: Device Setup, etc.)

  7. Open the app on the iPad

  8. In my case, it found my machine and gave me the option to connect immediately. If it didn’t, I was prepared with the IP address of my Mac Pro… but in my case, I didn’t need it. iC Pro connected and off to the races I went.

Hope that helps!

I imagine that the types of problems people are generally facing are related to network issues. That’s very tricky to diagnose with firewall, routers, etc… That’s why creating an ad hoc network is the only “supported” method, since it has very straightforward steps. However, for people without a wireless network adapter on their computer, or firewall issues, they will likely have to go through several more steps. In my case, it worked pretty well.

Now, as for the actual app itself, I can’t say if it’s really any good yet. My first little experiments were mixed… with some shortcut buttons not working. However, I need to spend more time with it, and at least the transport, markers, navigation/overview thing, and basic mixing controls worked pretty well, I have to say. I am impressed that those parts work as well as they do. Time will tell if the rest of it works, and how stable it is.

Best of luck getting it to work!

Dear uarte,

thanks for your nice tutorial! :wink:



I run a Mac OSX 10.8.5 and an Ipad Air2 with iOs 8.

I Just purchased cubase ic pro. I create a network from my Mac and connect to it with the ipad.
The Cubase iC Pro recognizes my Cubase @ localhost. But when i click it just a spinning loading wheel appears and disappers and nothing happens, just returns to Select your computer screen.

My firewall is disabled. Share apple events is enabled. I don’t know what else I can do. Also I am getting the same error on my iphone so i think its something about my cubase or computer network.