Connection percussion map percussion kit

I created a new percussion map for EZDrummer, called ‘EZDrummer’-> screenshot1
Let’s take for example Midi-Note 36 which is assigned to ‘BassDrum’.
How does the percussion kit (screenshot2) know that Midi-Note 36 is assigned to ‘Kick Drum (Low)’?
In the general preferences I chose ‘use percussion midi-map’ for percussion input.
In the playback window I assigned EZDrummer VST to may drumset as playback VST and I assigned my newly created ‘EZDrummer’-map as percussion map for the routing.
Everything plays back correctly and works, BUT when I hit the Midi-Note 36 on my keyboard during Note-Input, Dorico shows and writes a Crash-Cymbol (screenshot3).
So somehow I missed the point where I have to make the connection between my percussion map and my percussion kit.
Could you help please?

I would start by checking this setting (via the Edit > Preferences > Note Input and Editing)

I wrote that in my first post that I made that switch:
In the general preferences I chose ‘use percussion midi-map’ for percussion input.

so that can’t be the solution…thanx anyway

I have a faint notion that this only works with the General Midi and possibly Yamaha XG percussion maps… ?! … happy to stand corrected! :slight_smile:

Is your MIDI number attached to the wrong Perc Layout “note”?

Hey Derek,

thanx for trying to help., but this can’t be the reason. I don’t know how my screenshot happened - I saw it afterwards, too. But actually, all this is correct (see attachment) and the problem is still there.

I just checked this in the studio and I stand corrected by myself. Kick drum and Bass drum are different things… Your kit says Kick and your PercMap says Bass…

thanx a lot…you are right for the kick drum. stupid mistake :wink: but check out the toms for example Midi Note 41 or 45…(I’m talking about Midi-Note-Input with a keyboard)
EZDrummer JazzBrush (2.19 KB)

It’s the same kind of problem. According to your picture above your kit does not contain Floor Tom (low) (PercMap 41) only Floor Tom (high)… and conc. midi note 45, Tom is not identical to Tom-Tom… considering Dorico’s high level of consistency this behavior is to be expected, I think :slight_smile:
BTW; in your percmap midi notes 41 and 43 were identically defined…

Thanx so much…I slowly start to get the point and set the puzzle together.