Connector help please: Sennheiser ME2 to XLR

I never used these, and am NO expert, but I asked ChatGPT out of curiosity…

Here’s the answer I got:

Alternatives to the Sennheiser MZA 900 P, which is a phantom power adapter for condenser microphones, include:

  1. Shure A96F: This adapter converts a microphone’s low-impedance XLR output to a high-impedance 1/4-inch connector, offering compatibility with various equipment.

  2. Audio-Technica AT8531: A power module for AT-series microphones, this device provides a balanced output and can be powered by a battery or phantom power.

  3. Rode VXLR+: A compact and versatile adapter, it converts a 3.5mm TRS mini-jack to a male XLR output, and includes an internal power converter for microphones that require plug-in power.

  4. AKG MPA VL: Specifically designed for AKG microphones, this adapter offers reliable phantom power supply and features a durable, road-worthy construction.

  5. Tascam PS-P520E: While primarily a power adapter for Tascam recorders, it can also be used to supply power to microphones requiring external power sources.

  6. Zoom AD-17: This is another adapter that, while initially designed for audio recorders, can be repurposed for microphones needing additional power.

Each of these alternatives serves a slightly different purpose or offers unique features, so it’s important to choose one that matches your specific needs and equipment compatibility.

I suggest you look on the used market, that’s where I buy 80% of my gear for much less $$…

I then asked specifically for compatibility with your ME2, and got this answer:

For the Sennheiser ME2 II lavalier microphone, there are a couple of XLR adapter options you can consider:

  1. Rode VXLR+ Adapter: This adapter allows you to power your lavalier mic with phantom power. It converts 12V-48V power from the XLR end to 3V-5V “plug-in power” at the 3.5mm TRS end, which is compatible with the ME 2-II’s locking connector. This adapter is ideal for connecting the ME 2-II to a digital interface or XLR input recorder, making it suitable for podcasting or interviews oai_citation:1,Sennheiser ME 2-II Lavalier Microphone with Rode VXLR+ | Reverb.

  2. Sennheiser XLR Adapter: Specifically designed for the ME2 and ME4 lavalier microphones, this adapter enables direct connection to XLR inputs like mixers or cameras. It requires 48 Volt phantom power to function. The input is female threaded, allowing it to interlock with the male threaded mini connector on the ME2 II microphone. This adapter is particularly useful when you need to connect the mic directly without using a wireless system oai_citation:2,Sennheiser XLR Adapter for ME2 and ME4 Lavalier Microphones.

Both of these options provide reliable ways to connect your Sennheiser ME2 II to devices with XLR inputs, expanding the microphone’s versatility for different recording situations.

Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will be able to comment on those AI answers…

You could also chat with a salesperson at B&H, Sweetwater, or your favorite store, they should be able to help.