Connexion to protection device lost - sleep mode.

Everytime cubase is open, and my computer goes to sleep mode. When I come back, I get a error
Connection to protection device lost - retry - cancel.
But I can’t click retry, it’s freeze. can’t click anywhere, while the mouse move.


On a DAW, it’s common practice to switch off any screen savers, sleep mode, power saving schemes etc. Cubase checks all connected devices (including audio interfaces) during program start, so I guess after sleep mode the OS gets them back online, but Cubase still misses them…

Come on, I would be supposed to click on retry to make it work again, but it dose not work well.

Well, so follow Arjan P´s advice then, or deactivate power save for USB ports.

I’ve noticed that in Windows 7 if the computer goes to sleep, even without Cubase running, Cubase will not start after wake up. Cubase shows up in the processes in task manager but when you click on the program shortcut it does nothing. I have to restart the computer or unplug the dongle and plug it back in before it will work again…

Come on again! That’s standard and very correct advice re DAWs and sleep mode. If you can afford a DAW as expensive as Cubase you don’t need auto sleep mode.
Do you wanna know how to turn it off?