Consideration and requests about Cubase graphics

Hello, just two words to tell that I think that the graphic scheme Steinberg have started to adopt in VST Live (mixer, workflow graphic elements etc…), similar to Dorico, is very attractive and modern, eye candy and makes me want to have it in Cubase too, in Project window as in the mixer, media bay etc.
Maybe Steinberg have started to think in this direction? I hope, and I hope for plugins too, see Halion Sonic SE or GAone that looks very old and, for my taste, needs to be lifted seriously.

I add the recurring request to be able to have a Full Screen mode for this great software which, I don’t know for what reasons, remains the only one who has not yet adopted it, forcing the user (me on Mac) to sacrifice useful space and practicality, especially if you are on small monitors, but not only.

As usual, I hope these requests can be shared and approved from other users and from Steinberg Team.


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The design of the cubase program looks beautiful, but it is full of problems, such as the title bar. If you have two screens or more, you are forced to see the title bar on all screens. Also, the icons are of poor quality. The menu needs to be arranged
And it looks very old, especially in Windows. It needs tidying. It looks like a maze. I like the menu in Studio One, everything is tidy, and I like the uniformity of colors in modern programs.
There are also problems in spaces, some of them are very large and some are very small and u cant resizable

I do not see that the design of Dorico and in VSTLive is modern, I see that it is similar to the design of smartphone applications, and this is not a professional thing for a professional program

I want the company to improve the design department and look at competitors like Luna

Please note here some users will attack because they are only used to using the program for many years and do not want to improve the interface, but want to return it to their eras and this is very funny and unfortunately they are the majority and therefore Steinberg does not care about improving the GUi interface

Absolutely agree with you.
The title bar are there because there isn’t a full screen mode that hide top menu too.

After 30 years of Cubase, I can confirm that, and agree with your considerations about Studio One.
I don’t think that Dorico and VST Live have toy interface, that flat interface (adopted in Logic too) are more polished and in tendency with the modern design that personally I like more that the actual design in Cubase.
I don’t know if the team read this kind of discussion and take in account of our personal opinions, maybe a more participated discussion could generate a serious interest about this questions,
after all we are not (at least I) high-sounding names with a certain influential voice in matter.
Remains the hope of some interest in this type of vision and, above all, that it can open a serious debate on what alternative software does to satisfy these demands in step with the times.
For sure Steinberg have started to move something to be more modern and appreciated, see the epochal dongle direction and the same VST Live new entry.
I want to think positive.

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