Considering ALL elicenser dongles will break etc

that is… break, get lost, be eaten by the dog etc in 2027…

what’s the vote for one of your FAVORITE earlier elicenser-based WinXp, 7, etc versions of Cubase/Nuendo that’s about to go completely extinct in x amount of time?

I really like Cubase 9.5. I also liked 6 quite a bit. I occasionally download all the old versions to play with as my elicenser is still working. They’re all fun in various ways.

Bummer that none of them are scheduled to survive even though some of us have perfectly-running old win98se, xp, 7 etc systems.

Ahh…nostalgia already :slight_smile:

Yeah! My first ‘legal’ Cubase was 6 (Yes, I used pirated SX3 and 5 as a kid). Still have the box from cubase 6.

But I really love Cubase 6.5 (it is my favorite from that era). Let’s see for how many time the elicenser key will keep working. A couple years ago I bought the smaller and newest key, and moved everything (except some expired trials from the older one).

Cubase 7 on Windows 7 is my all-time favorite. I miss a lot of things from that time period.

Yeah, it kind of sucks that older versions will be dead when one can no longer run the eLicenser.

Since the older versions won’t launch under the new licensing system, I would highly suggest to anyone concerned with archiving old projects to do it now. Mixdown all of your (probably obsolete) MIDI/Instrument tracks to audio and backup your projects. Open them in a Steinberg Licensing version and do a fresh save, etc.

I can only imagine the :poop: storm that is going to happen. Uggh …

VST24/32 (parallel port dongle though hah). I hated the new SX GUI and threw an internal tantrum and left Cubase and went to Logic. :joy:

I’ve had no issue running Cubase 6 LE on Windows 10. It installs and runs fine. I am parked at Cubase 11.0.41 Essentials and don’t feel a need to go anywhere. After we got side-chaining in v11 Essentials the DAW gave me everything I need in conjunction with the UR824 interface. I’ve moved most of my licenses to the dongle and I’m okay with it. If it’s on the dongle it will work for the lifetime of the dongle. I guess if it fails one day I’ll go back to Reaper or purchase a new Essentials license. Other than a bit of forethought I don’t do doomsday planning/prepping as I 'm aware I can’t control everything in the world. Before recording technology music of common people was largely ephemeral.

I understand that times change and we have to move with them.
Assuming a worst case scenario (your e-licenser goes belly up), I think it’s outrageous that some people won’t be able to use the software for which they paid hundreds of pounds, just because a company says meh.
My current e-licenser is 14 years old. What is that in e-licenser-years?

I believe Steinberg will figure out a way to let us use the old Cubase’s without a dongle.

I had a dream.