Considering an upgrade

Hello everyone.

Currently I am using Cubase 6 (trial) on Windows Vista and might I say I am impressed.

Not only is it very stable, it loads fast and the UI performs very well. Not a single slow down or glitch have I experienced after almost 20 days with the only issue being; sporadic system halts that are usually the result of the DAW sharing a system that has an internet connection. One other problem I have sometimes is UI breakages but never has that resulted in an unreadable program file so touch wood.

I’ve got Cubase Studio 5, which after 6.0.5 I decided that in order to see what Cubase is capable of in terms of efficiency I’d scratch my current OS.

Now that I’ve done that I am in a way annoyed since my impression was my OS wasn’t supported and all I’d really be able to do is have a gander around but no, it’s running like clockwork and now I am worried that if I go back to Studio that not only will I experience a lagging system I will feel a great pressure to upgrade quickly if prices are scheduled to increase early next year.

While I understand Steinberg changing their product array, I’m potentially holding out hope that prices will go down as that was my experience from CS4 to CS5, which at the time occurred across the entire range and I know I can’t expect any official word but please Steinberg I want you to remember that it is innovation that creates and keeps customers which in turn improves the bottom line.

All the best to the loyal users.