Considering "downgrading" to 32-bit. Thoughts?

I just recently purchased Cubase 5 a couple of months ago and went the 64-bit route. I’ve had nothing but problems that have roadblocked my creativity at every turn – and not just with plug-ins but features of the DAW itself – so much so that I’m considering re-installing 32-bit. JBridge couldn’t even save me! I had artifacts left and right and some plug-ins outright crashed the DAW/ASIO (Catanya MIDI arpeggiator being the worst offender).

This saddens me because I was very excited about utilizing my 8GB of RAM and beyond.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on “downgrading” to 32-bit from 64-bit?


I use Vista 32 bit ultimate with 5.5 in 2GB of RAM.

I recently upgraded from XP32 to W7 64bit with 8Gb RAM and no problems at all. Mind you, my plug-ins are all 64bit. I have seen that J-Bridge can have problems, and I personally would not use it.

However, are you sure that your problems are down to the use of 64bit? I think if I were you I would go back to basics and just load Cubase 5 on 64 bit. Check if it is operating correctly. Then one by one add the plug-ins and see if you can isolate if the problems are in any particular area.

You can install both 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase 5 alongside each other on your 64-bit WIndows. So it’s a no-brainer to do this and see if the 32-bit version suits you better.

I hadn’t considered that. Thanks for the tip!

I went from Win XP 32bit to Win 7 64bit with no problems. I have jBridge and it works great. I have 12 gigs of ram and I love it. I also use 2 of the Steinberg 816 CSX’s. What kind of interface do you use? What kind of firewire card do you use? Maybe your problem lies with your audio interface???


When I upgraded from XP last year, I went to WIN-7 32bit mainly because of my old Hammerfall 9652. The card will really only work with WIN-7 32bit because of the drivers. My System Configuration is in the footnote. Everything works just fine and very stable with “only” 4GB RAM. The Plugin situation is not such a problem for me because I still have a lot of outboard MIDI Equipment which I still like use. I only run into probs if I open too many Reverence instances… then Cubase might crash… but I know here the line is… so I stay away from it :slight_smile:

But soon I’ll have to move on to WIN-7 64Bit… and then I’ll have to get a new soundcard :frowning:

catanya is buggy, if you want to use it you have to use it with C532, and it still won’t run perfect. C564 is very solid for the most part if your plugs are 64 bit.

i also run Cubase 32 and 64 side by side… There’s little question in my mind that the 32 bit is more stable for me. Though I think you’ll need to be sure you update to 5.5 32 bit from whatever version you are coming from before you try to open projects created with the 64 bit… I openned a project with 5.0 and some things didn’t cross over correctly, and I’ve noticed a few features are slightly different (or non existent) in one vs the other. But they mostly have to do with loopmash and the media bay. I think everything else is good so far…

Hi, new to the forum, but not new to Cubase - over 8 years …Just bought a new laptop Toshiba i5 8 gb of ram, running Win 7 premium 64 bit, and am struggling to get my mr816 to play audio in C6 64 without dropouts and glitching. So far have tried the following fixes:
Disabled Nvidea card
Disabled wifi
Turned off most background processes and optimized “performance”
Bought a Startech (TI chipset) express card FW adaptor - also have built in 4 pin FW
Rolled back FW drivers to “legacy”
Maxed FW utility to “large” and “S200”
Increased asio buffer size to 516
disabled battery saving utility
disabled all power saving schemes

But still can’t play a single audio file in Cubase 6 64 bit without some dropouts or skipping 32 bit is better, but not perfect.

I have used my MR816 with my old HP dual core laptop running Vista 32 bit for over 1 year with no issues.

Would i have rock solid performance if i wiped Windows 7 64 off my machine and installed 7 - 32?

Been battling for over a month - so far Steinberg support has not been too helpful.

Thanks for all replies.

Any other suggestions i may have missed?

Driver /firmware updates? S200, doesn’t that stand for speed 200?

I am running the latest driver for the 816 - 1.7.1 which is for Windows 64. My unit is already the newest firmware.

I think that yes, s200 refers to speed of data through FW port, i also think s400 is default setting, but tech support suggested i try s200…is that good advice, or no?

I guess I am a technological moron at this point but here’s my question. I want to upgrade to a new computer. If I upgrade to a windows 7, 64 bit configured computer, can I still run Cubase 64 and Cubase 32 side by side? Can I use the same software (vst’s, effects etc.) with either version of Cubase?

In theory, yes. You’ll find that older 32-bit plugins don’t always work in Cubase 64, although for most there’s a way to get them in (Jbridge or built-in VSTBridge).
And you can indeed install Cubase 32 and 64 on the same 64-bit pc, although I don’t think you can actually run both at the same time. Not sure why you’d want that anyway :wink:

Thank you Strophoid. One more question if I may. If I choose to run Cubase 32 instead of 64 on a Windows 7, 64 bit configured computer, will plugins which I upgraded with 64 bit drivers work? (in Cubase 32).

I don’t think 64 bit plug-ins will work (directly) in a 32 bit host, however, it is worth mentioning that jBridge CAN also bridge a 64 bit plug-in to a 32 bit host (at least the website claims it).

Thank you Jasland

Two days ago i posted a desperate plea for help… I spent almost $1300.00 for what i thought would be the latest and greatest environment in which to run Cubase 6 w my MR 816csx. A brand new Toshiba laptop with a giant screen, i5 processor, 8 gbs of ram, etc. So far only headaches, drop outs, skipping, etc.

Only one person has responded so far, and he asked if i was using the latest drivers…

I have tried every remedy i have read about, every tweak, every disable, turn off, use older drivers, different chipsets etc…nothing has fixed this.

Am i the only person to have bought a new computer and not been able to use C6 and an MR 816???

I don’t know whether my computer is at fault, or is Cubase 6 in a 64 bit O/S shaky, or are the 64 bit drivers for the 816 to blame??

I DO know that my purchased copy of Groove agent 3.0 doesn’t even open in 64 bit, and i DO know that to date Steinberg tech support has not been helpful or responsive - this despite my having spent over $2000.00 on their products.

I am hoping that someone out there has overcome these issues or has some wisdom to offer.

Steinberg, if you are reading this - I have done my part and bought your products. please help me get them to work!!


I was also very saddened when I first made the switch to 64bit. In fact I built a 2nd DAW just to troubleshoot my problems and I noticed the following…

  1. Most of my favorite VSTi plugins caused Cubase to crash…

Then I realized #1

“Most of my favorite VSTi plugins caused Cubase to crash…” :laughing:

So I reformatted and ran a bare 64bit cubase and had ZERO crashes. After a few trial runs of use I added my old VSTi’s and the crashes returned !

So then 1by1 I began upgrading to 64bit VSTi’s. . . (some vendors offered free upgrades, some did not)

But I narrowed it down to 3rd party VSTi’s not playing nice. I do admit it was a trying experience, but once I got my refx vsti’s to work - nothing else mattered after that :mrgreen: