Considering Upgrade from 4 to 6, advice appreciated

Hi guys.

I’ve used Cubase since 3.7. I picked up GRM Tools Vol 1 and 2 but unfortunately missed out on the upgrades so now I have no path from these versions (pre v2 when iLok first came about) to the current version 3. I also use Waves Gold, currently at version 7 but have a version 8 update coming.

Anyone else here use old old plugins successfully on Cubase 6 on Windows 7 64-bit? I haven’t used Cubase 4 extensively on Win7 64bit, but I seem to recall it installing easily and working just fine. I tried Cubase 4 64bit version but Waves 7 said “nope”, so I’m assuming I have to use either version 6 or 8, probably 8 although they don’t guarantee compatibility.

So I’m back to wondering if my old plugins will work with Cubase 6. Your help and comments are much appreciated, thank you!

Waves does not work with 64bit without Jbridge. At all. But that’s different than the win7x64…you can still run c6 I’m 32 bit mode, where Waves should work fine.

If you need big ram access, you can also use Jbridge to send the instruments into a separate ram space. Or Vienna ensemble.

I’m running full 64 bit, but I have no need for audio plugs–since I only use the machine for sequencing and VI hosting–I record audio in hardware. The lack of Waves 64bit support was one of the reasons I stuck with a sequencing box and hardware for audio.

I had no idea Waves didn’t support 64bit. That really really sucks. I’ll check out this JBridge thing you’re talking about.

I’ve got 16 GB of RAM; I figure why not have access? But it seems like sticking with 32 bit Cubase would be just fine.

I don’t hear much in the way of improvements from 4 to 6; is there a list somewhere that shows what’s changed/improved?

Out of curiosity, what sequencing box do you use?

You mean the pc specs? It’s a c2quad/8gb/three drives. There have been a ton of improvements between 4 and 6. I skipped 5, myself.

If you meant what do I record audio with…and Akai DPS24…pcm91…ksp8…analog eq/compression.

The reason UAD and Waves and such don’t support 64bit is because they cater to audio professionals. For audio production, there’s no reason for 64bit. It’s just a ram access thing…which is only useful for huge virtual instruments, in the grand scheme of audio production, virtual instrument libraries are not in heavy use. The instrument makers support 64bit…Have for YEARS, mostly…hosts have really just started. ProTools is still not and is the market leader. So, they would have to do a ton of development for a small audience.

Check this out

I guess it makes sense to me now that a plugin is more computational than RAM-based.

So if I upgrade to Cubase 6, I’ll need to run the 32 bit version in order to be compatible with Waves? Did I understand that correctly?

Is it possible to run both versions on the same computer?

Yes. I have seen many posts from people who are using both versions succesfully.

I run C6 in 32 bit with Waves plugins without any problems.
It depends on your hardwaresetup.

Of corse you can run Waves in 32bit C6-the WaveShell is a 32bit app–that’s the issue, that they have not ported it to work in 64bit hosts…that’s what I was saying earlier…the OS should be 64bit regardless–that way Cubase gets it’s full 4gb window as a 32bit app.

…and yes, I run them on the same machine. I do it now, although, I only open the 32bit version for troubleshooting things mainly…But, I used to have to use the 32bit version to edit drums (and augment with BFD2 room samples, which only recently went 64bit)…and switch to 64bit to do heavy VI work.

I think you’d be well pleased with C6 BUT I’d advise you, if you need those old expensive plugins, to also use your old Cubase for work with those while you evaluate the new plugs supplied. It is a bit of a weather-change definitely. I’d also bug Waves to get their 64bit act together. I don’t know what’s up with them taking this long. I hope they don’t turn into a skeleton like Emu.

I emailed waves over two years ago and they were resistant to 64 bit at that time, stating its not probable and complicated, but they have changed their tune now that its prevalent, I expect ( well, hope) to see it in 2012 with next release -

C6 has a host of tools and sounds, midi interface is very good -

Well, I tried to install GRM Tools v1.2; during the install I get the error “Please Install the GRM Tools Plugins from the original CDROM”, which of course I am. :confused:

The installation finishes and all the .dll files are placed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns directory as they should be.

When I start Cubase 6, I get the same error, “Please Install the GRM Tools Plugins from the original CDROM”, and then I don’t see them in the plugin list. I start an Acoustic Guitar & Vox project, and I try to add a plugin to the ac guitar track, but they’re not there.

Would the plugins appear somewhere else?