Considering upgrading Cubase (8.5 Pro, currently)

Hi there! I’m currently using Cubase Pro 8.5 and it’s working fine, but I’m considering upgrading to the latest version (11). It’s pretty difficult for me to figure out all the differences between 8.5 and 11 (no doubt there’s a lot) and that’s why I’m hesitant on upgrading. I mostly use Cubase for guitar and vocal recording, occasionally I use VST sounds (mostly Kontakt-based). I have HALion Sonic SE 3 (got that with Dorico), but don’t use any other Steinberg instruments.

What would you recommend? Is the upgrade - currently €160 - worth it and why (not)?


Download the demo?

SOS magazine does an article each time a new version comes out. If you want to get a quick idea without mussing your hair, or installing new software, have a look:

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