Considering upgrading to Artist 11--your thoughts?

I have Cubase 10.5 le and am considering doing the major upgrade to Cubase 11 Artist.

What are your thoughts on this? One primary reason is when watching youtube training I cannot replicate it on the LE…there’s always something not the same compared to the videos. Steinberg assured me that Artist and PRO are pretty similar.

Your thoughts are welcome!?


Here you can find Cubase comparison chart. There is no Cubase LE, but in general, Cubase LE has even less features than Cubase Elements. So you can imagine the differences.

I wouldn’t say Cubase Artist and Pro are pretty similar. I think you might be missing some features (Cubase Pro only):

  • Project Logical Editor
  • Spectral Comparison EQ
  • Import Tracks from Projects
  • Expression Maps
  • Time Warp

Cubase Artist IS closer to Pro than LE or Elements but as Martin suggests, there’s still quite a few significant differences.

Personally, I would suggest waiting a few weeks until the trial version is out (you will need a USB eLicenser even for the trial) and then you can see if Artist does what you want.


Only Cubase Elements and Cubase Pro editions are in the Trial. I don’t think you can switch Cubase Pro Trial to Cubase Artist (even though it’s the only one executable and only the license decides). Or am I wrong?

Ah, of course, no Martin you are of course correct (I’m pretty sure). Actually, I seem to remember that’s what caused me to upgrade to Pro many years ago when I couldn’t get an Artist Trial, went for the Pro trial and loved the extra stuff. :wink:

Nevertheless, to the OP I’d still suggest a trial, just try to work out which bits are important and which version they’re in! Not easy I know.

Thanks Martin for always being there.