Consistency of selecting things

I remember reporting about cursor movement being a bit unpredictable - you told me it is graphic in its nature. I can buy that, even if I almost do not use it anymore because it almost never does what I think.

However, the selecting mechanism in Dorico is also unpredictable IMO to say the least. One example: Right now I wanted to select some chord symbols and found that a “normal” selection of the bars involved does not include the symbols. I lassoed the first symbols and did a shift click on the last ones in the row. Nothing. To select all the symbols I had to ctrl-lasso bit by bit until done.

Yes, I read about selecting things with the keyboard etc. is in the pipeline, and I guess that there are reasons to why the chord symbols are not included in the selection. But I do think that Dorico would benefit from being completely consistent and predictable in how things are selected and in how things are copied. And please, consider including articulations in the filter.


As I’m pretty sure I’ve said before, filtering articulations is tricky because they are not separate items, instead being properties of notes. As such they can’t be deleted, copied, or pasted in the same way as other events. This doesn’t rule out us implementing ways to handle this in the future, but it does mean that it’s not necessarily trivial to do so.

Chord symbols are not selected when you click in a bar because they are attached to the system, and so, in a consistent fashion with other system-attached items like barlines, time signatures, tempos, and rehearsal marks, they are not selected when you make a block selection. (You will note my deliberate use of the word “consistent”…)

We do plan to introduce both easier ways to extend selections of specific items with the keyboard, and also to introduce a new user interface element to make it easier to select all items, including system-attached ones, in the future, but I cannot say for sure when either of these things will be added.

I’m sorry that Dorico does not have every possible feature you need at this early stage in its life. We are working hard to improve it every day, and we are here to listen to your repeated complaints. We do appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you would find useful to have in the program. I hope you at least feel acknowledged and listened to, even if you are not satisfied with the answer.

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the rant.
I will not complain anymore. As an end user, I just sometimes fail to see the logic under the hood when I am confronted with the consequences.