Consistency - order of elements in Inspector

Here’s a thing that has sat me off on several occasions: the order of elements in the inspector is not at all consistent across all tracks. See the attached examples for a midi track for a rack instrument and an audio channel.

IMO volume fader should always be at the bottom. It’s the one I use the most. Other elements should be as close order as possible across all track types.

Right-click on one of the elements- you can reorder them the way you want them, and save a preset.


But still, what about getting it right from the start and not leaving everything up to the user. End up using more time tailoring the product than using it…

Maybe what’s right to you, is wrong to others.

…unless you’re in an Instrument Track, the Inspector display of which is treated as if there are two separate tracks there. Right-click in the upper section and you only get the MIDI-related options; Right-click in the bottom section and you only get the audio-related options. And you can’t move the audio bits above the MIDI ones. But there’s a scroll bar, of course, so you can put which bits you want in view. The only hitch is that if you can’t display, say, the basic stuff from the top of the MIDI section and the Audio Inserts on-screen at once, without first hiding from view (minimising isn’t sufficient) the bits inbetween.

The audio bits are called “Instrument” in the setup panel, they’re movable.